Additional Items that Can be Recycled

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Did you know: your pillow might be made with recycled PET bottles? So might your sleeping bag, carpet, and fleece jacket.


ALUMINUM PULL TABS / WORN OUT AMERICAN FLAGS: ongoing collection by VFW. Drop into boxes in Town Hall entry

BAGGED LEAVES & GRASS CLIPPINGS: bring across the road from the Town Garage anytime. Please use biodegradable PAPER bags.(NO PLASTIC BAGS). CLEAN MATERIAL ONLY PLEASE. (No animal manure or animal carcasses!!)

BOOKS: tag sale or donate to Library’s annual book sale (call Library at 860- 485-9113). Donate to Goodwill/Salvation Army/Consignment stores. Remove covers and toss into your recycling bin

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Drop into marked container at Town Hall, Library, or Senior Center. Benefits HCS activities


CARS: WORTHY LOCAL NEED! Harwinton Westside Fire Dept. needs old cars for rescue training purposes.Contact  or call 860-485-9234 for details.


CARS: works with Make a Wish Foundation.Free pick up or tow. Proceeds from recycling or auctioning cars goes to the Foundation.Worthy non-profit!


CARS: donate cars, trucks, SUV's, RV's, motorcycles, or boats to benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Help to spread breast cancer awareness!

CD/DVDS: year round. Drop into marked box in Town Hall entry. Or they can be dropped off at electronics collections.

CHRISTMAS TREES: bring to Town Recreation Area (intersection Rt. 118 & Rt.4) Jan. 1-30, 2014. Leave in first right corner of parking lot, near basketball court. Please clean off all tinsel

CLOTHING: (clean clothing & shoes only): drop into town sponsored container near our library (

COMPOST BINS: buy at a garden supply store or look online to make your own,

ELECTRONICS: (computers/components,TV’s,printers,copiers,faxmachines,telephones,VCR’s,cameras,speakers, cell phones etc). See"Electronics Recycling" side bar for dates. You may also drop off electronics at Take 2, Inc. in Waterbury, CT.  Call for times at (203) 286-5757

EYEGLASSES: Lions Club collection boxes at Thomaston Savings Bank, or Senior Center, or Dunkin Donuts

FLUORESCENT BULBS/TUBES: Drop all sizes at Home Depot or save for Fall HHW collection. If only cfl’s, call me

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE : Pre-registration required. Details as dates approach

MEDICATION –Do not flush! Save for drop off dates, or you can drop them off at Torrington Police Department drop box.  

OFFICE PAPER, JUNK MAIL: Curbside or save for PAPER SHREDDING EVENTS – annually each May at Town Hall. For other shred events in our area (we can go to any of them), call local banks or credit unions and ask if they are sponsoring a collection or call me. You can also log on to to stop receiving many junk mail tupe items.

PHONE BOOKS:  recycle curbside in your single stream container. OR visit the Yellow Pages Opt Out website

PLASTIC BAGS: Drop at Stop & Shop, Price Chopper, or Price Rite. (Includes produce bags, plastic wrap, bread bags,etc.)

PLASTIC PEANUTS / BUBBLE WRAP: call Packaging Depot at 860-482-2539 or UPS Store at 860-482-0235

PRINTER CARTRIDGES: Drop in box at Town Hall entry. Take to office supply stores (Staples, etc.). Send back to manufacturer

PROPANE TANKS: Bring to HHW Collection usually in May and September.(all sizes accepted). OR take your tank to Hocon Gas on the Winsted Road (a fee of $3-$5 will be charged at Hocon Gas for each tank). Call them at 860-626-0900. DO NOT throw tanks into the trash!

REDEEMABLE BEVERAGE CANS/BOTTLES: donate to benefit Bronc Callahan Community Fund. Annual collection each April & each Oct. (and year-round). Drop off, clean and bagged, at Thierry’s garage on Bentley Drive. Leave inside the garage. Read instructions on the door

SCRAP METAL& APPLIANCES:  Usually May and October at Town Garage 8 AM - 12 noon. See bulk mailing for details. PLEASE do NOT leave items outside the gate. Store them at home. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE REFRIGERANT. YOU CAN BE FINED $10,000 BY THE DEEP. You can also take your scrap to Liberty Recycling North LLC, (and get paid a bit!) ,located at 1165 South Main Street in Torrington. Call them at 860-482-8447 for details

TREES,STUMPS,BRUSH: Supreme Forest Industries, Bogue Rd. (860-485-0343 for fee info). Resident drop off Mon.-Fri. 7am-4pm. Also Sat. AM. WOOD MUST BE FREE OF METAL/CHEMICALS

USED MOTOR OIL, ANTIFREEZE, LEAD ACID and RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES, CFL’s: first Sat. each month. Town Garage. 9-11am. (Oct. & May is on Scrap Metal Collection dates) Limit: 10 gal per drop off. Clean oil only! Do not mix with other fluids (gasoline, brake fluids, etc.)

Prepare curbside recyclables properly – empty, clean, lids off, no box liners