What's New - What's Changed?

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A GAME-CHANGER FOR DRUG FREE WATERS: PHARMACIES WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE BACK UNUSED MEDICATION FOR SAFE DISPOSAL!. Due to the overwhelming response to the take back collections nationwide, the Drug Enforcement Administration has finalized regulations allowing pharmacies to take back unused medications. YOU CAN HELP: ask your local pharmacy if they are planning to take back unused medications and let them know you would like them to provide a safe medication disposal for you and your community.

Recycle your gently used durable medical equipment (beds, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) through the NEAT (New England Assistive Technology) Center of Ct. You can also BUY gently used, refurbished  medical equipment from them at reduced cost. Call Charlene at 203-757-5449 for complete information or Log on to www.neatmarketplace.org to learn more about NEAT

Effective immediately, the Town Garage can no longer accept used oil contaminated with gas or other fluids. PLEASE keep oil in a separate container. Gas, brakes fluids, etc. are hazardous materials and must be recycled at an HHW collection site. There is now a hefty price tag on cleaning oil for re-use, paid by the taxpayer.Watch for mandatory mattress recycling, due to begin in 2014.

Black plastic flower pots can be recycled in the garden department at Lowe's.  Pots are reused by the vendors.

Paint recycling is here! As of July 1, 2013, you can recycle all paint at retail stores. Log on to www.paintcare.org  to follow the progress of this long overdue recycling opportunity and to find a list of participating stores. Or call Recycling Coordinator 860-485-9051 with questions.

MIRA will now accept the following additional plastics in your single stream curbside bins: large toys, beverage crates, laundry baskets, old recycling bins, and storage containers. Additionally, you can add telephone directories. Please remove plastic parts from toys. Items must fit into the curbside bins.

The Town of Harwinton’s tip fee (the per ton amount of money paid to MIRA to dispose of garbage at their facility) has been increased from $64/ton to $68/ton starting July 1, 2017.

Are you looking for “recycling- on- the- go” information? There’s an app for that, called irecycle or recyclepal. Check it out!

Are you looking for a local place to take your scrap metal? Look no further than the south end of Torrington .Liberty Recycling North is open for business. Hours are Monday-Friday 7:30-4 , Saturdays 7:30-12:30. Call them at 860-482-8447. They accept all clean metal and non-freon appliances. No fluids please.

Did you know - a mattress is made up of: steel,wood, cotton batting, paper, fiberfill, urethane foam? All these components are recyclable.

Across the country, only 15% of recyclable clothing and textiles are recovered. 85% ends up in the trash.