Capital Equipment Committee

The Town of Harwinton’s Capitol Equipment Committee was formed by a Town Meeting on October 24th, 1978, after the Board of Selectman recognized the need and recommended its creation. Members are appointed by the Selectman on a staggered basis with the Highway Supervisor as an ad-hoc member.  The proposed purpose of the Committee was to study and advise the Board of Selectman for the acquisition and disposition of the Town’s Capitol Equipment.

As of this date, the Committee’s role has not changed, as the members regularly meet to review the Town’s Capitol Equipment and recommend new or replacement equipment as needed. The Town’s equipment is monitored for life expectancy and reliability while managing a reasonable and sustainable Capitol Equipment budget. Specifications for new equipment are drawn up and examined by committee members to confirm that purchased equipment will perform as intended and meet its projected life expectancy. Once bids for equipment are received the Committee reviews them to confirm that the specifications are met and then make a recommendation to the Board of Selectman for purchase of the equipment. Over these many years the Capitol Equipment Committee, with cooperation from the Boards of Selectman and Finance and the support of the Town’s residents, has been successful in maintaining a reliable, state of the art line of equipment for the Public Works Department with this review and oversight process, while allowing for a consistent, manageable budgetary system.


Name Title
Dave Bousquet Chair
James A. Savanella Member
Patrick Doyle Member
John Fredsall Member
William T. Buys, Jr. Member