Conservation Commission

The function of the Harwinton Conservation Commission is to advise other town boards and commission on issues concerning the conservation of natural resources. The Commission also monitors or administers several parcels of land, including, but not limited to, the Harwinton Conservation Area, a parcel bordering Cook’s Dam, and the Town Green.

The Town Green is planted and maintained by the Commission and other volunteers. The flowers add beauty to the Memorial Day ceremonies and continue to bloom throughout the growing season. We have increased the number of perennial planting to reduce the cost of purchasing annuals each year.

On the west side of the recently acquired former Carros property, we completed a new extension to the yellow trail which now connects to the double red trail. Within weeks of completion, it was heavily used by the public. To aid hikers in finding their way, we commissioned the construction of four trail map signs and map boxes which were installed at trailheads. Work continues in the Conservation Area to add signs and other trail markers to improve the function. We are still working to situate trails on the east side of the property. Anyone interested volunteering with the Commission to maintain or improve trails, or the Town Green, can contact us care of Town Hall.


Name Title
Suzanne S. Barlow Member
Joan E. Kirchner Member