Resident Trooper

The Harwinton Resident Trooper’s Office is staffed by 2 Resident State Troopers who are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Harwinton in a proactive manner. The preservation of the peace and the protection of life and property is accomplished through self-initiated high visibility patrol, as well as the utilization of information provided by residents. Our recently created Neighborhood Watch Group is designed to allow all residents to work with us to reduce crime. To that end, if you should witness something that you deem to be suspicious, or of concern, please notify us – your identity can be kept confidential.

They are also responsible for the investigation of all crimes against persons, property, and the State (narcotics / weapons), the enforcement of traffic laws and crashes, and general assistance to the public.

They look forward to working with the citizens of Harwinton in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Below are the Resident Trooper's Voicemail phone number and direct extention. They check their voice mails daily.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joel Portorreal Resident Trooper (860) 626-7968 ext. 5068
Greg Kennendy Resident Trooper (860) 626-7968 ext. 5202