Zoning Commission

If you are planning to construct or alter your house or add a structure on your property, you must complete a Zoning application obtained through the Land Use office.  For structures or additions in excess of 200 square feet, you must provide the Commission with a site plan certified by a licensed engineer.  This is to assure the Commission that the size of the building or addition and distances from your neighbor’s property lines are exact.

Regulations prevent you from building too close to any of your four boundaries and the Commission is entitled to know exactly where you wish to build.  Structures measuring under 200 square feet can be signed off by the Land Use Coordinator.  Please examine the Zoning Regulations and determine what zone you are in and then determine how far off each boundary line you must stay.  Work involving grading, excavation or bringing in of fill in excess of 50 cubic yards also requires a permit through the Zoning Commission.

The town’s Zoning Enforcement Officer, who can be reached at 485-2784, extension 141, conducts zoning inspections and receives written complaints.  Office hours for the Enforcement Officer are the first and third Wednesday of every month, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The ZEO can also be contacted at zoningenforcementofficer@harwinton.us.

Please be sure to contact the ZEO for erosion and sedimentation control inspections once they are in place.  The Zoning Enforcement Officer also signs off on Certificates of Compliance after as-built plans are provided, reviewed and a final inspection is done.  The Certificate of Compliance is then forwarded to the Building Inspector for issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Staff Contacts


Name Title
Michelle Rewenko Chair
Daniel Thurston Member
Deborah Kovall Member
Cynthia Kasey Secretary
Matthew G. Szydlo Member
Theodore W. Root Alternate
William Ponte Alternate
Dave Foster Alternate