Results from the "School Day SAT"

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Dear Families and Staff of Regional School District #10:

Once again we can take pride in the academic performance of our students. On August 3, 2016 the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) released the results from the “School Day SAT” that was administered in March of 2016. The test was administered to all eleventh grade students in Connecticut and served as a replacement for the CAPT and SBAC tests that were previously used at the high school level. The test is substantially different than the SAT of the past. The test itself has been changed significantly to align with the Common Core Standards and this was the first time that the test was mandatory for all Connecticut students rather than being optional for students who wanted to pursue a college education after high school. For these two important reasons the assessment will serve as benchmark data for our district and should not be compared to previous results.

Lewis S. Mills High School students have continued to show strong performance when compared with the state of Connecticut averages and high schools of similar size and demographics. On the English Language Arts test, 88.7% of our students met or exceeded expectations; this is an average raw score of 565. On the Mathematics test, 60.8% of our students met or exceeded expectations; this is an average raw score of 550. On both tests, Regional School District #10 significantly out performed the statewide average of 65% in ELA and 39% in math. You can access all of the statewide results at the CT State Department of Education data portal, EdSight:

The Connecticut State Department of Education organizes school districts into nine groups called District Reference Groups. (DRG) These nine groups are determined according to socio-economic status and other demographic factors. Compared to other high schools in our DRG, Lewis Mills ranked #1 out of 30 districts in ELA performance and #3 out of 30 districts in Math performance on the school day SAT.  These results are to be celebrated!  

While we are happy with our students’ scores on this critical measure of academic performance, we are not satisfied.  In Region 10, we know that all of our students are capable of excellence in academics, athletics, the arts, and in life! This data, in conjunction with other pertinent information, will be used to make continuous improvements to our curriculum and instruction so that our students will continue to soar at LSM and beyond.   We look forward to working with you to ensure our continued success.

Alan Beitman

Superintendent of Schools
Region 10 Public Schools
24 Lyon Road
Burlington, CT 06013