Water Pollution Control Authority

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The Harwinton Water Pollution Control Authority oversees the operation and maintenance of approximately three and a half miles of sanitary sewers in Harwinton.  The wastewater collected by this system flows to the Water Pollution Control Facility of the City of Torrington.  The costs for both system maintenance and wastewater treatment are borne by the users connected to the system.

Other responsibilities of the Authority include prevention, control and abatement of pollution of ground and surface waters of the Town.

The Authority consists of five members and two alternates elected at the Annual Town Meeting for three-year terms.  The Authority holds regular meetings the second Tuesday of every month except for February, July, August and December. Special meetings are held as needed.  A total of ten (10) meetings were held this fiscal year.

As of June 30, 2017 there are 245 connections from Harwinton to the system.

Board Members

Name Title
James E. Clavette, Jr. Member
Gilbert A. Roberts Member
Christopher Janco Member
Glenn Mc Grane Member
Dennis E. Baerny Chairman
Gene Daily Alternate
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