State of CT: Encroachment Facts & Regulations

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Q: Do I need to get a highway encroachment permit?

A: YES If you are doing anything within the Right of Way of the State of Connecticut. You should refer to your property survey or contact the Permit Inspector for your area.

Q: What do I need to do when I resurface my driveway?

A: Normally, the contractor you hire should make out the application as most of them are bonded with the state. Should you desire to submit the application, you should enclose a map showing your property and what you intend to do.

Q: Can I put a sign on State Property?

A: No, not unless you are one of the following groups or organizations:

  • State, Municipal or Federal Government
  • Church or ecclesiastical society
  • Service Organizations

(exception: Entrance and Exit signs conforming to Department standards:

No sign of political or commercial nature shall be placed on the right of way. All signs that are illegally placed in the right of way will be removed.

No cars for sale or any other types of property or material are to be placed in the Right of Way.

Don't forget to call before you dig. 1-800-922-4455

Call two working days before you dig. Provide the town, street address, type of work, name of caller and company, phone number and start date and time.

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