Birth Certificates

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Copies of birth certificates are on file in the Town Clerk's office in the town of occurrence, in the Town Clerk's office in the town of residence of the mother at time of birth, and the State of Connecticut Department of Vital Statistics in Hartford.

You may obtain a certified copy from any of these sources.

The fee is $20.00 per copy.

All requests for birth certificates must be made in writing. If you are requesting a birth certificate by mail, please include the following:

Full name and date of birth of individual named on the certificate

Parents' full names when birth occurred (including mother's maiden name)

Proof of identification (copy of your current driver's license or any other photo ID)

If photo ID is not available, copies of two of the following may be used: Social Security card, written verification of identity from employer (on letter head), automobile registration, copy of utility bill showing name and address, pay stub with name on it, checking account deposit slip stating name and address

Please be sure to include address where the certificate is to be sent, and all requests must be signed.