Mailbox Policy

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Mailboxes & Personal Property

Only mailboxes and posts damaged by direct contact with the plow and NOT by snow or slush shall be compensated. The latter is considered a “Hazard of Winter”. The mailbox and post must be able to withstand the force of plowing. Many types of mailboxes are not designed for New England winters and snow removal methods needed to keep our streets open and should not be erected here.

The Town of Harwinton will reimburse the owner for the post or mailbox or both if needed at a set amount after an inspection by a supervisor to see if the claim is valid, but will not cover the cost of labor or provide labor to replace either. If the value of a mailbox and/or post exceeds these rates a claim may be submitted in writing to the Town’s insurance carrier through the selectman’s office. Request for inspection of damage and reimbursement must be made within one week of the occurrence.

Any damage by direct contact with snow removal equipment to personal property that is off the Town’s right of way, the public can call the Town Hall and speak to the Highway Supervisor to lodge a complaint. The complaint will be investigated by the Highway Supervisor or the Highway Forman and the decision to take corrective action will be made. It should be noted that any personal property within the Town’s right of way is subject to contact by snow removal equipment and any corrective action to this property is at the discretion of the Highway Supervisor or the Highway Forman, but property owners need to understand that some contact and disruption is inevitable.




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