Curbside Single Stream Recycling

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Place all clean recyclables together in one recycling bin.( Lids off please)

All plastics # 1-#7 (NO plastic bags or plastic “sheets”, no Styrofoam)

Large plastic items: large toys, laundry baskets, storage containers, flower pots. (remove metal parts. Items must be made to fit inside your bin)

Glass bottles and jars – (NO window glass, mirrors ,dishes, mugs ,or drinking glasses)

Aluminum/tin cans – (NO pots, pans, cookware, or scrap metal)

Juice and milk cartons – (do not flatten)

Paper and cardboard – all grades of paper, including junk mail. Bag shredded in a paper bag. All grades clean cardboard and boxes. Eg: egg cartons, cereal boxes(remove liners), Kleenex boxes, blister packs (separate plastic from cardboard), corrugated boxes (flatten), newspaper, magazines, catalogs, telephone directories, books with hard covers removed.

Paint - recycle at retail stores. Check for locations

FOCUS ON RE-USE: Tag Sale, donate to Goodwill (860-489-8670), Salvation Army (1-800-958-7825), (to donate or purchase good leftover building materials of all types), join for great item “trades”

TO RECYCLE “ODD STUFF”: Click here for "What Do I Do With...?"

QUESTIONS? Call 860-485-9051 (Tues Thurs 8:30-3)

Buy carefully to minimize waste – share it – use it up – recycle it ……….FOR EARTH SAKE!


Did you know - there is no limit to the number of times glass and aluminum can be recycled?