Every Day is Earth Day

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Earth Day is April 22, a day to think about our Earth and to participate in "Earth Awareness" activities planned in communities throughout the country. It is also a day to make a small lifestyle change that will, over time, have a positive impact on the environment. A family discussion is a great place to start. What habit can we change that can help improve our air quality, water quality,land quality - quality of life in general?  Then sustain that change,because over time, this change WILL improve the health of our Earth! Ideas? Are you recycling as much as possible?(explore the links on the sidebar for a wealth of recycling information).  Start a compost pile, learn how to buy wisely to produce minimal waste, use up what you buy or tag it or give it to those in need, support your local farmers and those businesses that practice sustainability, start an anti-litter campaign, learn about what pollutes the air and what YOU can do to minimize that pollution, learn about good forest management, grow plants and shrubs and trees that are native to where you live, use safer alternatives to chemicals in the garden and home, encourage your kids to research a career in environmental science.


Think about energy conservation and how conserving the electricity you use can impact the natural resources needed to create this electricity. There is a great opportunity to begin a family project:  Call and schedule a home energy audit sponsored by EnergizeCt, CL&P,United Illuminating, and Yankee Gas. A program called Home Energy Solutions offers on-the-spot services to homeowners and renters for immediate savings as well as further savings. A technician will audit your home for energy performance, find leaks and drafts, provide and install energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators, and low flow shower heads. You will see energy savings reflected in your utility bills. You can also get information about insulation, energy efficient windows and appliances, rebates, etc.A simple phone call is all that is necessary 1-877-947-3873. Or visit www.energizect.com to learn more.

THIS Earth Day- commit, as a family, to save on electricity usage to conserve natural resources and reduce your utility bill. Call today!


Did you know - the junk mail Americans receive in one day could produce enough energy to heat 250,000 homes?