Medicine Disposal

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Drug Drop Box - lobby of the Torrington Police Station, 576 Main Street, Torrington. Open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Bring pills in containers (remove labels)  and drop into the box. No questions asked. No liquids, needles, or syringes please.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has just finalized regulations allowing pharmacies to take back unused controlled substances for the first time. Being able to drop off your unwanted medications would remove temptation from young people who might experiment with their friends. Disposing safely also keeps meds out of the waterways. Conecticut waterways have tested positive for trace amounts of heart meds, antibiotics, estrogen, modd stabilizers, tranquilizers, and more.

Pharmacies are now needed to participate in this voluntary program and house permanent drug take-back receptacles for their customers. Next time you are at your local pharmacy, ask if they are planning to take back used medications. Tell them you would like them to provide a safe disposal option for you and your community. 

How to Properly Dispose of Household Medicine

DO NOT flush medicines down the toilet or sink! This causes water pollution because they pass through septic systems and sewage treatment plants untreated.

DO safely place medicines into the garbage. PLEASE prepare for disposal:

1. Keep the medication in its original container.
(cross out the patient’s name with a permanent marker)

2. Modify the medications to discourage consumption.
( add a small amount of water to partly dissolve pills)
( add salt or flour to liquid meds. so no one can drink them)
(wrap blister packs with duct tape or other sturdy tape)

3. Seal and conceal.
(tape medication lid with packing or duct tape)
(place it in a non-transparent container such as yogurt or a coffee can)

4. Discard the container in your garbage can.
Do not place in your recycling bin!

5. Syringes - break the needle and pull apart. Place into heavy plastic container. Secure the lid with tape and place into garbage can.

Medicines properly disposed of are burned at the Ct. Resource Recovery Facility at very high temperatures that destroy the products and prevent them from getting into our land and water.

This information was obtained from the Ct.DEEP (DEP). If you have questions, please call Harwinton Recycling Coordinator, 485-9051, or e-mail

Did you know - hospitals have a collection program for used needles and syringes? Call your local hospital to ask about picking up a collection box for that purpose.