Recycling at Christmas

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Did you know that the Christmas season generates an additional 5 billion pounds of waste in the landfills? You can help reduce that tonnage:

1. Recycle wrapping paper - all of it, including tissue and shopping bags, curbside in your single stream container. Get creative with gift wrapping ( colorful newspaper sections, old calendars, magazines, fabric scraps). Use part of your gift as a wrapping ( dish towels, scarves, cloth shopping bags).Do not recycle bows and ribbons at curbside, but they can be re-used throughout the year). 

2. Re -use your boxes and bags. Also, recycle the packaging material from mailed gifts ( save and re-use when you mail packages, or call the Packaging Depot (860-482-2539) to see if they can use those materials .    

3. Recycle Christmas trees - cut down branches and place in the woods as a shelter for small animals. Over time,the branches will reduce to a fine mulch. OR bring to the Town's recreation area and stack in the far right area of the parking lot during the month of January. Please remove tinsel. BUY TREES LOCALLY TO SUPPORT OUR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. LOCAL TREES ARE VERY FRESH TREES

4. Christmas cards can be recycled - at curbside.Or drop off at the Library (call them first 860-485-9113), cut into gift tags for next year, or donate for craft projects to scouts, senior center, pre-school groups, etc. Consider sending e-cards .

5. Are you hosting a Christmas party? Avoid paper and plastic. Recycle your beverage bottles. Tell your guests where the recycling collection container is.

6. Are you cooking for a crowd? Figure out amounts needed to avoid food waste. 

7. Shop smart by checking labels for recycled material %, buy products with minimal packaging, and energy efficiency.

8. Check statistics of products for Energy Star labels and other environmental claims.