Connecticut State Council on Environmental Quality

The February 2, 2021 edition of the Environmental Monitor has been published.

It can be viewed at: Monitor and is available in the town clerk’s office. The Environmental Monitor provides notice of proposed State actions, including transfers of State-owned land. In it are electronic links to additional information about the projects and instructions on how to submit comments.

In this edition:

Coventry, Columbia, and Harwinton

The next edition of the Environmental Monitor will be published on February 16, 2021.


The Environmental Monitor is a publication of the Council on Environmental Quality​. Pursuant to CGS  22a-1b which provides that “The Council on Environmental Quality shall post the Environmental Monitor on its Internet site and distribute a subscription or a copy of the Environmental Monitor by electronic mail to any state agency, municipality or person upon request. The Council shall also provide the Environmental Monitor to the clerk of each municipality for posting."