Harwinton House Committee

We are a committee that is charged with rebuilding and restoring a house built here in Harwinton in 1795, dismantled and rebuilt in New Canaan in 1931 and then saved from demolition in 2011. Its 18th century components are here in Harwinton in storage.

Once rebuilt it will be leased to the Harwinton Historical Society and serve as a public museum where early life in Harwinton can be highlighted through revolving seasonal displays and demonstrations by re-enactors. 

This committee meets twice a month or as often as the needs arise.


Name Title
Roger P. Plaskett Chair
Nancy Schnyer Member
Thomas J. Rotondo Member
Carole A. Romano Member
Charles H. Kirchofer Member
Brian R. Dunbar Member
Larry M. Connors Member
Peter B. Thierry Member
William Ponte Member