Welcome to Harwinton!!  What you need to know!


Below is the information for the hauler that is permitted to collect waste in Harwinton. Call them to get on to a weekly pickup of trash and recyclables at your curbside. Harwinton recycles “single stream” (see enclosed flyer for details). If you have questions about how to dispose of waste that is not mentioned in the flyers, I’m happy to help you. PLEASE RECYCLE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Since our town (taxpayers’ dollars) pays MIRA (the facility where we send garbage and recyclables) a fee of $105 per ton for garbage disposal as of July 1, 2021 and NO fee for disposal of recyclables, it makes sense to separate to keep weight out of your garbage. AND, the environment benefits ENORMOUSLY!

I am in the office at Town Hall every Tuesday 8:30 AM –2:00 PM and Thursday 9:00 AM –3:00 PM (860-485-2784). Or e-mail: recycling@harwinton.us


Waste/Recycling Haulers- Harwinton (weekly curbside pickup)

USA Hauling/ Recycling –  877-503-0139

Burning Permits

Bill Rinko   860-485-9744

Trees, Stumps, Brush

Supreme Forest Industries - 860-485-1636

Open to residents Mon-Fri   7 AM - 4:30PM. Fee charged per yard

Wood must be completely free of metal pieces. No treated wood please.

Located on lower Bogue Rd. behind the Torrington Pollution Control Facility


Leaves (Harwinton Residents only!)

Must be bagged in biodegradable bags. Drop site located across the road from the Town Garage. The “no dumping” sign means “clean leaves only- no garbage, wood, manure, carcasses, or other trash.” The Town Garage is located on Locust Rd, just past Camp’s Greenhouse and just before the fairgrounds.

Bulky Waste Items (ie. Furniture, chairs, etc.)

            Recycle if useful (call Goodwill or a public service organization)

            Tag Sale the items

            Put at curbside with a “free” sign on it

            Call your hauler for cost of curbside pick up

            Take item to Albreada’s . Call 860-482-6319 for drop off/cost information

            Save for Town sponsored event each Spring and Fall


SINGLE-STREAM RECYCLING: You have 2 covered containers on wheels. One is for garbage. The other is for recycling. Toss all your curbside recyclables together into your recycling container. No need to bag your paper or tie magazines/newspapers, etc. (ONE EXCEPTION – SHREDDED CANNOT BE RECYCLED.)


Aluminum & steel cans, including empty aerosol cans (no paint, pesticides, hazardous waste)

Books – all types, including telephone directories.( Remove and trash hard covers )

Boxboard: shoe, Kleenex, pasta, cereal, gift boxes. Soda “packs”, cardboard egg cartons.

Corrugated cardboard (uncoated, flattened)

Glass food & drink bottles and jars (empty, clean, no caps)

Juice boxes, milk, & juice cartons (rinse, no caps or straws)

Junk mail, including envelopes & inserts (shredded paper must be in paper bags)

Magazines/catalogs (no need to tie, bundle, or bag)

Mixed paper – all kinds (no need to bag or sort).

Newspapers (no need to bag)

Plastic: bottles, jugs, jars, containers, (up to 3 gallon. #1 - #7, clean.  Do not crush. NO PLASTIC BAGS OR STYROFOAM)

Rigid plastics – large toys, crates, laundry baskets, storage containers, non- black flower pots. (Remove non plastic parts and items must be cut/folded to fit inside the recycling container)   

Thank you for recycling! Questions? Call your hauler or Terri Christenson (485-2784)

Log on to www.harwinton.us (click on “Departments” and scroll to” recycling”) for more information )

Other recycling opportunities……..

American flags – These can be left with the Recycling Coordinator.

Books – good used books to library. Or recycle curbside

Cell phones – drop into box at the Harwinton Public Library or drop them off at Take2 at 122 Avenue of Industry on PH 203-286-5757.  Open M-F 7:30am – 3:00pm at no charge.

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs – save for HHW collections.

Clothing and shoes – drop into bin located near the library parking lot. The bin is sponsored by Bay State Textiles.  Harwinton receives a rebate that is deposited in a charity fund.  You can also schedule a pick up by Simple Recycling curbside at www.simplerecycling.com

DVD’s, VHS, audio tapes and electronics – Take to electronics recycling events or drop them off at Take2 at 122 Avenue of Industry, Waterbury, CT.  PH 203-286-5757.  Open M-F 7:30am – 3:00pm, no charge.

Eyeglasses – drop into boxes Thomaston Savings Bank or Lions Club box outside Dunkin Donuts

Greeting cards – drop at library

Mattresses – Bring clean dry mattresses to the bulky waste collection to recycle at no charge or they can be brought to Frostbridge Associates.  753 Frost Bridge Rd, Watertown, CT 6:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday and Saturday 7:00 AM – Noon.  (860) 274-1200.

Printer cartridges – Bring to the electronics recycling events or bring them to Staples.

Pull tabs from drink cans – These can be left with the Recycling Coordinator

Redeemable bottles/cans – drop at Thierry’s garage on Bentley Drive. Follow instructions on the door.  All donations go to the Bronc Callahan Fund.

Telephone books – recycle single stream in your recycling container curbside